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Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts
The Ultimate Self-Defense System

About Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts

The ultimate in modern self-protection training. Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts in the most Scientific and comprehensive system of Self-Defense on the planet.  Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts uses techniques from many traditional systems which have been updated and made practical for today's needs. Students will learn the following techniques: 

Striking Techniques: 
1. Footwork, Evasions, and Head Movements from Boxing
2. Hand Techniques from Boxing
3. Elbows and Knees from Muay Thai Kicboxing
4. Kicks from Karate, TKD, and Muay Thai Kickboxing

1. Escapes from Brazilian/Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga
2. Joint locks from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
3. Throws and Takedowns from Judo and Wrestling 
4. Takedown defense from Wrestling
5. Weapons Disarms from Krav Maga
                                                                                                                                                        Ground-Defense from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling
1. Escapes
2. Sweeps/Reversals 
3. Guard Passes
4. Submissions
5. Chokes
6. Counters to submission and chokes

Training Programs

Our Mixed Martial Arts program is broken up into two phases: BasicTraining, Advanced Training, and Competition. Each program is covers a wide variety of lessons to help you accomplish your goals

Basic Training

Our basic training program in designed to provide students with be basic understanding of the Ten Jin Do MMA curriculum, while teaching the following

*Learn the fundamental of Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts

*Learn The Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts Self-Defense System

*Functional MMA conditioning 

*Increase Stamina 

*Increase Flexibility 

*Increase Focus, Energy, and Concentration

*Develop Self-Confidence

Advanced Training

Once a student achieves the rank of green belt they able to start attending the advance training program. While the basic program focus is on building the fundamental building blocks of Ten Jin Do Mixed Martial Arts. The Advanced Training Program is build on high level techniques and drills the sharpen's a students speed, reflexes and reaction time; As well as the ability to transition from one range of fighting to the next. 

*Learn Advanced Self-Defense Techniques

*Learn to transition from stand-up to ground techniques

*Learn escapes from basic and advance holds and chokes

*Learn to defend yourself against weapons

*Train to become an instructor.

Youth Mixed Martial Arts

Our Ultimate Self-Defense Program for Kid!, This class combines the traditional aspects of martial arts, While learning the latest and most effective techniques of Mixed Martial Arts. This class also provides students with the knowledge needed to recognize bad strangers, and how to not be a target for a bully. Students also learn Balance and Coordination, Self-Discipline, Focus, Self-Confidence, and Respect. Class are run in a professional, High Energy, and fun format. 

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